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Frequently Asked Questions about the Remnant Movement

For answers to the following questions see the FAQ at Zion's Return:

1. Is this a new church?

2. Who started this movement and why?

3. What differs from the Mormon church?

4. What does the "Heavens Are Open Again" mean?

5. Why is there an emphasis on baptism or re-baptism?

6. Is plural marriage or polygamy practiced or believed?

7. Do women hold priesthood?

8. Where do priesthood holders obtain authority to baptize?

9. What is the purpose of this movement?

10. How is this movement funded?

11. What is the role of the temple?

12. How large is this movement?

13. What does Sabbath Day worship look like?

14. Why is wine used in the Sacrament?

15. Which books of scripture are considered to include the word of God?

16. Who is Denver Snuffer?

17. Who can I contact to discuss these issues further?

Wikipedia entries about the remnant movement:

Doctrine of Christ fellowships (Latter Day Saint)

Denver Snuffer Jr.

Additional questions and answers: pending

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