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Scriptures The Restoration Edition scriptures.  (See also SCRIPTURES PROJECT for updates about the scriptures project as a whole, and GUIDE AND STANDARD for updates about the statement of principles specifically.)

Got a Question?

Questions: If you have a question about the Remnant Movement drop us a line.

Be Baptized
Record a Baptism
Find Fellowship

Born of Water: The purpose of this site is to connect you with someone who has authority from Jesus Christ to perform the ordinance of baptism.

Recorder's Clearinghouse: The official recorder's office for ordinances performed according to the doctrine of Christ

Fellowship Locator: Find a fellowship or group in your area in which to share common beliefs in our Lord Jesus Christ and His doctrine as restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.

Teach Your Children to Honor God
Seek to Recover the Lost Sheep Remnant
Give or Receive Help

Honor God: What does it mean to "honor" God?  How do we teach our children to honor God?

Seek to Recover His People: Who are "the lost sheep remnant of this land" and "of Israel"?  How do we recover them?

ProtoZion: This community is an experiment in helping others.  (Membership in this community is by invitation.)


Restoration Archives: Preserving the Treasures of the Restoration

Remnant In the News
Other Remnant Sites

The Remnant Movement In the News: News articles, podcasts, and blogs on the Remnant Movement

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